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Cordless Impact Wrenches

Show me 22V cordless impact wrenches designed for light- and heavy-duty anchoring and bolting in metal, wood and concrete

Show me 22V cordless impact wrenches designed for light- and heavy-duty anchoring and bolting in metal, wood and concrete
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Adaptive Torque System

Put away your torque wrench

Achieve ICC-ESR and ETA certification for wedge anchor installation into concrete with the new Adaptive Torque System

The AT system is made up of four components:

  • SIW 6AT-A22 cordless impact wrench: it looks and works like the Hilti SIW 22-A cordless impact wrench but with intelligent electronics, a more robust anvil, and a sleeker front part which can reach into tighter spaces.
  • SI-AT-A22 module which is a small, very light interface which slots in between the impact wrench and battery and crunches live data from the SIW 6AT-A22 to recognize when an anchor has been correctly installed.
  • Documentation software so that the SI-AT-A22’s job history can be transferred to a PC and used to create a detailed installation certificate.
  • Hilti KB-TZ and KB 3 expansion anchors for cracked and un-cracked concrete.

AT-ready tools are equipped with the sensors and on-board intelligence to confirm if an anchor has been set according to ICC-ESR approvals. The operator simply inputs which anchor is being used – as easy as scanning the box with the SI-AT-A22’s integrated barcode reader – and the tool does the rest. Afterwards, the tool can be connected to a computer to instantly generate an installation report, offering inspectors and specifiers a guarantee that the work has been carried out exactly as specified.

Simple, Fast, Effective

Select your anchor

Use the SI-AT-A22 module’s built-in scanner to read the barcode on your box of anchors. The SIW 6AT-A22 impact wrench then adjusts the torque setting to meet certification requirements. Tap the lock button to confirm your selection, and the impact wrench is ready to use

SIW 6AT adaptive torque system application

Pull the trigger

With the SIW 6AT-A22 impact wrench, all you need to do is pull the trigger and let the tool work. As soon as the SI-AT module lights up green, you know the anchor has been torqued to exactly the right level to comply with ETA and ICC-ESR approvals.

SIW 6 AT and adaptive torque system

Done, done right.

Giving you confidence that the anchor has been correctly installed, sensors in the SIW 6AT-A22 recognize if an anchor has been loosened and, on retightening, will restore the correct torque. And with the AT System can you adjust and retorque up to three times.

Adaptive Torque System in Action

Easily generate your installation report

Full accountability has never been easier. Simply connect the SI-AT-A22 module to a computer using a standard printer USB cable and the AT Documentation Software then downloads performance data stored by the SI-AT-A22, which can be used to produce an installation report.

The report lists all products used, the method of selection (scan or manual) and completion time and date.  

From a specifier’s perspective, this report proves that the anchors have been correctly installed and meet certification requirements. From an installer’s point of view, it can help you breeze through site inspections.

Changes encouraged

The SIW 6AT-A22 impact wrench is intelligent enough to detect an anchor which has been tightened and then loosened again, a function which is useful for straightening or aligning neighboring fixtures, such as railings and windows.

During this process the SI-AT-A22 module will use an algorithm, develop from over 10,000 tests, to retightening the anchor ensuring no over-torqueing occurs. Once complete, SI-AT-A22 provides a visual indication to the operator by flashing a yellow light, displaying a notification on display and plays a sound.

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