Control your construction costs

Solutions to help deliver projects on time and within budget

Problems arise in construction. Projects grow beyond their original scope, and mistakes get made – often leading to budget overruns and costly delays. But you can help your business be more profitable and control spend by choosing products, services, and software designed to minimize waste, reduce human error, save on labor costs, and optimize your tool crib. We can assist with identifying and sourcing the cost-effective solutions you need to deliver projects on time and under budget.

Save on material costs

Reducing building materials waste helps you stay competitive while also being environmentally friendly. Our jobsite solutions range from the HDE 500 for precise control during injection of hybrid/epoxy adhesive anchors through to preformed firestop that helps prevent mortar wastage and prefabrication services such as kitting. During the planning and design stages of your project, help ensure your on-site teams use only the product quantities they need by optimizing design with our software and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. 

Cordless adhesive dispenser HDE 500-A22 Preformed firestop solutions Kitting, cutting and preassembly services (Coming Soon) BIM design and modeling services (Coming Soon) Design software

Save on labor costs

On-site labor hours are one of the most significant contributors to project expenses. At the same time, skilled workers are in high demand but short supply. Choose faster, labor-saving solutions for improved cost management during your building projects – without compromising safety and quality.

Single-operator diamond drilling Single-operator digital construction layout (Coming Soon)

Lower the error count

Reduce mistakes and get help avoiding costly rework and project delays with Hilti's digital documentation tools that track your firestop and fastener installation quality. Your on-site crews can benefit from solutions such as faster, easier assembly with modular MEP supports or the Adaptive Torque (AT) system for improved anchor bolt installation quality.

Firestop documentation software (Coming Soon) Tracefast fastener documentation software (Coming Soon) Modular MEP supports Anchor installation with AT System (Coming Soon)

Take control of tool crib costs

With the Hilti tool Fleet Management service, instead of buying tools upfront, you choose only the tools you need and pay a fixed monthly fee for a set period. To keep you working, we help you repair, replace, and upgrade your tools at no additional cost. ON!Track can help you control costs by allowing you to quickly locate missing or hoarded tools and equipment so that you don’t spend time or money on renting or buying duplicates. In addition, our productivity experts can analyze the data provided by ON!Track to help optimize your tool crib.

Tool Fleet Management ON!Track equipment management

Say goodbye to hidden costs

Tools, repairs and theft coverage - all for a fixed monthly fee with our Fleet service