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Video Tutorials

  • How to register as a new customer

    Register to enjoy great benefits of Hilti at your fingertips

  • How to login as a customer, including how to create a new password

    The simple steps to login once registered.

  • How to change your account data

    Something different since your last visit? Here's how to keep us up to date on what's happening with you.

  • Introduction to the new account dashboard

    We wanted to make it easier to find the features you use most, so let's explore the new account dashboard.

  • How to use a favorites list

    Find yourself repeating the same orders? This tool will help you make it easier and faster in the future.

  • How to manage your tools

    Keeping track of your tools is hard enough, here you can keep track of basic information as well as order repairs or maintenance.

  • The new product page

    Check out our more structured product page with the information you are looking for.

  • How to check previous orders

    Sometimes you need to look up a previous order or review an older invoice, let's show you how.