Success from the ground up

High-rise solutions from Hilti

Global population growth and increasing urbanization mean high-rise buildings are the way of the future. However, tougher fire safety and environmental standards and a trend toward more modular design are making high-rise projects more complex than ever. To help you meet these challenges and minimize the risk of costly project delays or liability in the event of a fire, Hilti offers solutions that cover the project lifecycle from preliminary specifications to documentation. Partner with us today to build success from the ground up. 

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Safety first

Innovative fire protection solutions

Passive fire protection is critical in high-rise projects. As it is practically impossible to quickly evacuate large numbers of people from tall buildings, it’s vital to contain fire, smoke and toxic gases. Hilti fire protection solutions for high-rise have been extensively tested and approved, following the most stringent international codes and approvals such as ETA, UL, and many others. They cover key applications ranging from MEP penetrations to firestopping façade joints. Approvals cover smoke tightness, acoustic performance for occupants’ well-being and movement capabilities due to wind and seismic events. Easy to install, retrofit and inspect, many of our devices also contribute in obtaining green certifications from leading organizations including LEED and BREEAM.

Rebar done right

Code-compliant solutions and safer installation

Finding reliable, code-compliant and cost-efficient solutions for post-installed rebar is not easy. However, our solutions can help you balance the need for higher overall project quality and faster installation. Enjoy flexible design and faster, safer installation thanks to our innovative SafeSet method which transforms drilling and highly efficient hole cleaning into an easy one-step process. Finish the process by placing the rebar with one of our injectable hybrid or epoxy mortars. 


All you need to know about controlling damage during fire