Tackle cost drivers and increase productivity

With customized tool park solutions

30 %

of construction sites
say they waste time looking for tools and equipment

67 %

of all projects
are not completed on time and within budget

70 %

of companies
report having at least one failed project in the last year

$1.6 TRN

of additional value added
could be created through higher productivity globally

1 https://www.economist.com/business/2017/08/17/efficiency-eludes-the-construction-industry

Construction Management Challenges

Downtime caused by repair

Unplanned downtime goes beyond inconvenience to a project. On a critical jobsite, it can significantly delay the whole timeline and generate very high opportunity costs.​ 

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Project Execution Speed

Time is a crucial factor to winning projects. Having dependable and high performing tools makes a crucial difference to completing your projects on time.                                                                            

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Asset Loss & Theft

Millions worth of construction assets are stolen from jobsites annually. It results in downtime, project losses and increased project timelines. 

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Hidden Cost

The purchase price is often only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to direct costs like repair and maintenance. Hilti works with you to find out the real cost of your tools.

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With more than 75 years of industry expertise, Hilti has developed solutions that help address 5 out of 7 areas that can boost productivity in construction. We have consolidated our approach in Productivity consultation - a 5-step process that offers a comprehensive analysis of areas of inefficiencies in our customers’ business and outlines a solution to optimize and streamline their tool park and processes.  

Hilti experts examine tool utilization, applications and processes together with you and your team. We will work with different stakeholders in your warehouse, offices and jobsites to identify opportunities to gain efficiencies, improve productivity and ultimately maximize profits for your business.

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Asset Inventory

We assess the number and condition of the tools you have onsite, in vehicles and in your warehouse

Cost of Ownership

We uncover the hidden costs caused by repairs, lost or  stolen tools,
administration, downtime etc.

Process Mapping

We identify opportunities to streamline your processes for managing materials, people, tools
& certificates

Tools Utilisation Analysis

We monitor tool productivity and compare with potential alternatives

Productivity Report

We give you transparency on productivity gains and cost savings with advice on the most effective way to manage your assests 
and compliance

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Watch this video to see the positive impact of Productivity Consultation to one of our customers.

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Customer Testimonial

Hilti has been our partner when it comes to accelerating our company’s digital transformation and improving labor productivity. The entire process starting from the productivity consultation to the actual onboarding of Hilti Ontrack and Fleet Management has been smooth and has given us powerful insights into our operations. With more data and greater visibility, we now have a clearer roadmap on how to better manage our cash flow and enhance our services to our clients.

Juan Rafael Supangco
Chief Executive Officer, EverRise Construction Inc.

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