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Be one of the first to gain access to the Nuron cordless platform. Our team is ready to demonstrate the benefits of Nuron and provide the assistance you need to tranform your tool park with a new technology that increases jobsite productivity.

Through a Productivity Consultation, Hilti experts will examine your tool utilisation, applications and processes together with your team so that we can identify opportunities for productivity gains and maximise profits. 

How the Nuron cordless platform can help your business

one platform for all your jobs

Single platform convenience

Power around 40 tools on the same high-performing 22V Nuron platform – compatible from drill drivers to demolition hammers.


More work-per-charge

Get more run time for all your tools on a 22V platform that can deliver more power than corded or gas.


Reduce downtime

Built-in battery diagnostics alert you on battery state of health while data-driven services help simplify tool crib management.


Protect your teams

Safety solutions range from dust control systems to built-in technologies that help prevent angle grinder kickback.

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Impact Wrenches & Drivers

Impact Drivers Impact Wrenches

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Supporting Circularity For a Sustainable Future

Circularity is a crucial part of your sustainability journey because it focuses on generating maximum value from a minimum use of raw materials and resources. That's better for the environment, our society – and your business.

We've already laid the foundations for a functioning circular economy through our services. We can help your business reduce resource consumption while streamlining your operations.

What is EaaS (Equipment as a Service)?

Equipment as a Service has changed the way industry leading companies operate their business. It is a subscription model which allows companies to access equipment on a subscription basis and making periodic payments – rather than owning it and buying it outright. Read the article below to learn more about EaaS.

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More questions? Read our Nuron FAQs

Get the answer to frequently asked questions about our Nuron cordless platform.

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