Adhesive Anchor Calculation Methodology

Generate an adhesive estimate that sticks

Estimating is as much an art as a science. And Hilti engineers are just as interested in helping you calculate the right amount of adhesive for your application—with minimal waste or overstock—as they are in delivering quality anchor products.

Understand your job requirements

The quickest way to determine how much adhesive anchor you’ll need is to understand the factors that impact adhesive performance. The Hilti Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator helps you plan for your conditions—so you can choose the products and solutions that will perform the way you want.

Calculation Methodology

The Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator provides an estimate of the number of adhesive cartridges needed based on several input parameters, such as anchor size, anchor type, embedment depth, hole diameter, number of holes, etc. The estimation is based on several influence factors, including:

Basic volume

A: Theoretical volume

Internal wastage

B: Discarded mortar (adhesive)

Working conditions

C: Number of static mixers, partly used foil packs

E: Additional volume for deeper drilling

Working conditions

Optimum—Full usage of foil packs, only one static mixer per foil pack, exact dosage of adhesive, controlling the drilling depth (10 percent waste)

Good/normal—Characteristic of very slight variations in dosage of adhesive, drilling depth, etc. (20 percent waste)

Poor—Can be influenced by multiple foil packs and use of multiple mixers per foil pack, too-deep drilling depths, excessive mortar rings, use of extension tubes for deep embedments, etc. (30 percent waste)

The working conditions factor above is an estimation of waste factor based on the above-stated conditions and assuming installation in accordance with the instructions accompanying the adhesive product packaging. Any additional waste factors not addressed above will affect requirements and must be considered by the installer.

Hilti makes no warranty or representation that estimator output quantities will be accurate for the application. Use of this estimator and any purchase of Hilti products are subject to Hilti’s Terms and Conditions of sale.