Anchor Channel

Façade attachment

anchors for façade applications

Attaching façade elements such as glass and sun shades to the steel structural components of a building is a unique application requiring specialized anchoring products. The fastening aspect of fascia design can pose a variety of challenges that add to the complexities of the design, installation and post-construction phases of the build.

Whether the project is new construction or renovation requiring immediate loading, close edge distance or high loads, Hilti’s versatile portfolio of mechanical anchors, adhesive anchors and embeds and cast-in anchor channels contains the solution for your jobsite needs. We have a dedicated façade team to assist with the design, delivery and installation of these anchoring elements to ensure that you can focus on other important aspects of the project.

PROFIS Design Software

PROFIS Design Software

Anchor channel system design requires software that can perform detailed calculations quickly and efficiently. PROFIS Anchor Channel provides a fast, easy way to model façade system applications and offers the following design attributes: 3D user interface, easy-to-follow data input, calculations per ICC-ES AC232, detailed calculation results in a design report, and database link to DWX/DWG files in 2D and 3D for integration in CAD drawings.

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safeset technology

SafeSet™ Technology

Hilti's SafeSet™ Technology allows specifiers to eliminate the most load-critical and time-consuming step in the post-installed adhesive anchor installation process: hole cleaning. When using Hilti's SafeSet™ Technology with the HIT-Z rod or the Hollow Drill Bit with VC 2-/40 vacuum, absolutely no dust has to be manually removed from drilled holes.

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Onsite testing calculates the design resistance of a base material and can determine which anchor system is right to use for your installation.

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