Schaan (FL), September 10, 2018 – The extension to Hilti’s Child Care Center was officially opened today, five years after the center’s inauguration. After a one-year period of construction the center at Hilti Headquarters now provides 60 day care slots.

“For a worldwide group that depends on international teams for its success, child care is a significant factor in making our location more attractive. This is true whether we are recruiting team members from abroad or for employees returning to work after maternity or parental leave,” explained Sabine Krauss, Head of Global Human Resources, at the extension’s opening celebration. She welcomed the mayor of Schaan, Daniel Hilti, a team from the ArchitekturAtelier, members of the Board of the Association of Child Daycare Centers Liechtenstein and representatives of the Hilti Family Foundation.  

Demand for child care has continued to grow since the center opened five years ago. The new extension has increased the available number of slots from 36 to 60. The organization responsible for operating the center, the Association of Child Daycare Centers Liechtenstein, now has a team of 30 people who care for what will soon be 70 children from 20 different countries at the Hilti Child Care Center. Depending upon the needs of the parents, the children may be cared for between two half days and five full days each week.

The extension was financed by the Hilti Family Foundation. The reason behind this commitment, according to representative Michèle Frey-Hilti, is that: “We want to provide our employees with an optimal framework that allows them to balance their private life and their employment. The Hilti Child Care Center makes a significant contribution as it enables flexibility, and provides close proximity for both parents. The center provides great day care and gives children the opportunity to further develop and to make friends in an international environment.”