Hilti at Wilcon Depot

A new partnership has been formed

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Hilti Philippines and Wilcon Depot have joined forces to unleash a seismic shift in the construction industry by introducing Hilti for Rent at Wilcon Depot!

The game-changing partnership is designed to provide valued customers access to a wide range of tools as needed without committing to a long-term ownership. This flexibility will allow customers to utilize variety of power tools without worrying about additional costs like repairs, new purchases, and the maintenance of idle tools that can increase the overall cost of ownership.

With Hilti for Rent, customers can now use Hilti tools for a short period of time offering a cost-effective solution that aligns with specific project needs, budget, and long-term financial goals while focusing on increasing productivity.

Hilti for Rent aligns with sustainability principles as it offers a practical solution for accessing tools while minimizing environmental impact that’s safer and healthier for all and that benefits from positive contributions to society.

Visit Wilcon Depot Balintawak now and start renting!

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