Power, natural resources and industry 

Industry-specific solutions for owners, engineers and construction contractors

Our integrated solutions for large, complex projects are designed to support you for the entire lifecycle of your facility – from design and construction through to maintenance and decommissioning. With a presence in 120 countries, our key applications range from modular pipe and cable supports to anchoring and passive firestopping.

Power sector

19 July 2016, Geertruidenberg, Holland. Aerial view of the AMERCENTRALE, a coal and biomass fired Essent powerplant. It's located at the river Amer. In the back the town of GEERTRUIDENBERG.

Whether your focus is on thermal power generation, renewables, nuclear energy, natural gas, or electrical utilities or substations, we can provide quality tools and products, as well as expert engineering and project support.

Our offering for the energy industry ranges from systems for simpler installation and removal of checker plate in power plants to specialist cordless cable cutters and crimpers for transmission and distribution work. Backed by extensive warranties, these solutions are designed to reduce delays caused by tool and product breakdowns and accelerate project schedules.

Mining, oil and gas

Active in onshore oil and gas? Partner with us for design and technical support from over 100 dedicated specialists. Or access products such as modular strut systems for corrosive environments that eliminate the need for hot work.

In the mining industry, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) sub-contracting is the norm. However, our offering can help accelerate projects and lower costs. This portfolio ranges from technical support to help ensure anchoring solutions for mine shafts are not over-engineered to fully cordless systems for virtually dust-free pipe and cable support installation.


Whether you're retooling an automotive plant or designing pipe runs for a new pharmaceutical facility, our solutions are designed to deliver safer and faster design and installation, as well as full operational flexibility and lower downtime due to maintenance.

You’ll also receive comprehensive, ongoing support to help you meet required approvals and reduce costs. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we are your supplier of innovative anchors and tools for safer installation. In addition, our customized logistics help ensure a leaner, more reliable supply chain.


Our modular supports for shipbuilding applications such as access platforms, false floors and routing of pipes are both lighter than comparable technology and easier to install. Because no welding or hot work is required with this technology, you can increase productivity, lower running costs and increase safety levels for your operation. Refitting can also be carried out by just one person without specialist equipment.

In addition, our supports have high-corrosion resistance and no painting is required.

Your partner for modular construction

Mitigate the risk of delays and cost overruns in large construction projects and maximize ROI

Construction projects in the energy and industry sectors face increasing time, cost and environmental pressures. To help lower total costs of ownership, we work right alongside you to offer digital and construction services that drive full modularization.

Our digital services begin with up-front engineering to optimize design of systems such as pipe, cable and HVAC supports, firestopping, fastening or access platforms.  We also provide BIM and plant design modeling to help avoid jobsite trade clashes and rework. Construction services range from prefabrication of modular supports, on-site training and more.