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Cordless Drill Drivers

Show me 12V and 22V cordless drill drivers designed for drilling in metal, wood and masonry

Show me 12V and 22V cordless drill drivers designed for drilling in metal, wood and masonry
SF 4-A22 Cordless drill driver Compact-class cordless 22V drill driver with brushless motor for when you need higher performance during light-duty tasks or in hard-to-reach places
SF 6H-A22 Cordless hammer drill driver Power-class cordless 22V hammer drill driver with Active Torque Control and electronic clutch for universal use on wood, metal, masonry and other materials
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Hilti portfolio of drill drivers and hammer drills


With the perfect balance between power, weight and size you have choice without compromise

With a choice of tools to complete any task, from installation in tight spaces to undertaking the most demanding applications, you can rely upon us without compromising on performance.

For when you need power, and don't want to compromise on performance.

From brushless motors which provide smoother and quieter operation, an extensive range of inserts for drilling, sawing and screw fastening that help increase productivity, to a redesigned ergonomic shape and LED lights giving a brighter and shadowless view, our range of cordless drill drivers and hammer drills are designed to match your needs.

So, whether it's light-duty installation or heavy-duty drilling and driving, you have Choice without Compromise

Six reasons for choosing a Hilti drill driver

The right size for each task

1. The right size for each task

Size does matter, and when you're working overhead or in tight spaces you want tools that are fit for the job. Our range of drill drivers do not compromise on performance, at any size.

A balance of power and comfort

2. Balance of power and comfort

Weight affects how long you can comfortably hold a tool, and our range of drill drivers let you choose between the compact and light SF 2-A12 or the heavier, but more powerful SF 10W-A22.

Performance for every task

3. Performance for every task

Different levels of power are required to drive screws into drywalls, holes through metal or bolts into timber, and each of our drill drivers give you the right power for each application.

The right safety features

4. Combination of safety features

Businesses need to protect their greatest assets: the people. That's why many of our drill drivers feature Active Torque Control (ATC) to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Ergonomics to match the job

5. Ergonomics to match the job

Each tool has been designed to provide an impressive balance of performance, comfort and efficiency to give you the choice of drill drivers that work at the highest level.

The right fit for your business

6. The right fit for your business

We believe you need the right tools that fit your business, today and tomorrow. That's why our range of drill drivers let you cover the broadest range of applications, easily.

Tool Technology

Tool technology

Increasing safety and performance

Our cordless drill drivers and hammer drills are known for withstanding harsh jobsite conditions, providing you with long runtime and high performance in different applications and materials. But maybe lesser known is that the technologies inside our drill drivers and hammer drills have been designed to protect workers and improve comfort to let you work throughout the day. 

Active Torque Control

Active Torque Control

The SF 6H-A22 includes our exclusive Active Torque Control that provides additional protection from tool over-rotation when bits stick.

Brushless motors

Brushless motor

Brushless motors in all our 12V tools and the SF 6H-A22 help to increase performance and durability while at the same time reducing the tool length to make a more compact body.

Jobsite toughness

Jobsite toughness

Working conditions can be tough and that's why our tools have a glass-fiber-reinforced housing to make them more impact-resistant than ABS plastic alternatives.

Precision drilling with the SF 6 (H)-A22

Electric slip clutch

An electric slip clutch helps to prevent over-tightened screws and reduces wear on your tool so you can enjoy a longer life for your Hilti drill drivers and hammer drills.

Hilti Tool Services

Hilti Tool Services

When your tools aren't working, neither are you, and that leads to productivity issues on the jobsite. Our 3-days repair service reduces downtime to keep you working.


When working with some power tools – particularly those designed to drill – there are some inherent risks to you and your teams.

As the range of applications for our drill drivers increases, so does the risk of drills bits jamming or binding in different base materials. This is especially the case when high speed or torque are used and, when it happens, the tool can “kickback”, continuing to spin while the bit is stuck in the base material.

The result can be personal injury – such as when the fast-spinning tool makes contact with the user's body, potentially breaking a limb, or when the tool's momentum throws them off balance, which is particularly dangerous when working at height.

Reducing risk with Active Torque Control

To prevent this Hilti has developed Active Torque Control (ATC), which uses advanced sensor technology and a fast motor brake to prevent the over-rotation of the tool, protecting the worker from possible injury and reducing risk to those working close by.

Inserts and accessories

Inserts and accessories

An extensive range for every application

You'll always need a different type of consumable depending on the application. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate performance in a challenging situation or a reliable product for everyday applications, you’ll find what you need in our comprehensive range. So, how do you choose the right consumable for you?

Three lines of consumables – Easy to choose!

Three colors, three performance levels, three price points – all under one brand that means quality you can rely on. We’ve made it simple to understand at a glance the differences between the product lines for all our consumables. Our three-line approach with consistent names and colors across all product categories, makes it easy to choose the right insert, fastener, fixing, foam or other consumable you need.

Ultimate performance for demanding applications


  • Ultimate performance for demanding applications
  • Highest overall productivity and safety benefits
  • Highest reliability in toughest conditions
  • Complemented by world-class engineering and software support
Premium performance for a wide range of applications


  • Premium performance for wide range of applications
  • High productivity through Hilti system solutions
  • Impressive versatility and reliability
Hilti quality at echonomical price


  • Hilti quality at economical price
  • Standard solution for non-engineered applications
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