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Features & Applications

  • High-capacity battery providing extreme run time for highly demanding applications
  • Includes Hilti Cordless Power Care (CPC) technology – on-board processors monitor each battery cell to deliver more reliable, consistent and longer-lasting power on your jobsites
  • Fully sealed electronics for increased protection against dust, humidity and water
  • Rubberised, glass-fibre reinforced casing – up to four times more resistant to damage from dropping and twice as resistant to extreme temperatures than standard ABS plastic
  • Casing designed to cool the battery to the ideal temperature for faster charging
  • Compatible with most Hilti 36V tools
  • Compatible with all Hilti 22V and 36V chargers
  • Applications in extreme temperature conditions – from 60° C (140° F) down to -17° C (1.4° F)
  • Tough jobs requiring maximum performance and battery capacity for extended running time

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Hilti Portfolio of 36 Volt tools

ultimate cordless power with 36V batteries

B36 2.6 and B36 5.2 tool batteries deliver corded power for demanding applications

Our range of 36 volt batteries include the latest lithium-ion cell technology and offer robust protection for tough jobsite conditions. Delivering high output for corded performance, but with the freedom of cordless, Hilti 36V power tool batteries give you the reach to complete the most demanding jobs, in a compact and light package you can depend on. 

When you need flexibility without the cord

When you need corded power but with cordless flexibility, our range of 36 volt batteries are the ideal solution for you. Combining Cordless Power Care (CPC) with our range of professional tools, you can match any 36V battery with any 36V tool or charger.

The result is high performance, long runtime and reach to give you corded power. So you're no longer tied to a power supply, or have the hazards associated with generators. Instead you gain the ultimate in work-per-charge and the ultimate in performance.

Whether you choose the slim B36 2.6, the powerful B36 5.2 that gives you the highest power and performance for the toughest applications, with Hilti you have the choice of battery that's fit for every application giving you Power. Always. Everywhere.


B36 2.6 Battery

B36 2.6 Battery

For high power in tight spaces, our slim B32 2.6 tool battery is the solution that will let you cover long distances quickly and perform serial installation applications.

Buy the B36 2.6 now
B32 5.6 Battery

B36 5.2 Battery

For high performance, the B36 5.2 battery offers you the balance of power and comfort for all cordless power tools and applications.

Buy the B36 5.2 now
TE 60-A36 with the B36 Battery

High power in a slim casing

The B36 2.6 battery gives you high power in a compact casing

Packing high power into a small size, the B36 2.6 gives you a lightweight and high-capacity battery with the run time needed for demanding applications.

The Cordless Power Care (CPC) technology intelligently monitors each battery cell for consistent, longer-lasting power output and a reliable charge status display. And the fully sealed electronics provide increased protection against dust, humidity and water making this battery ideal for jobsite conditions.

High performance for demanding applications with the B36 5.2 batteries

Delivering high performance for your applications

The B36 5.2 tool battery provides the performance and reach for demanding applications

When you want performance but not cables, the B36 5.2 delivers enough power to complete demanding applications such as serial drilling through concrete and hard timber or grinding metal.

With a rubberized, glass-fiber reinforced casing – that is up to four times more resistant to damage from dropping and twice as resistant to extreme temperatures than standard ABS plastic – you can be assured that the B36 batteries will go the distance.

see what customers think of 36 Volt performance

Customers talk about the Hilti 36 volt advantage

Fewer repairs, more performance. Cordless Power Care (CPC)

Hilti batteries for 12V, 22V and 36V cordless power tools

Cordless platform

With 3 voltage platforms and a choice of capacity, our batteries power a full range of tools from compact screw fasteners to heavy-duty breakers.

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A powerful and reliable battery platform for construction and demolition equipment

Power and reliability

Reliability is a critical success factor and you need power tool batteries you can trust to work in extreme conditions, whether it be high heat or the freezing cold.

Hilti batteries have a reinforced outer casing to protect against damage

Care and protect

With a glass-fiber outer casing, sealed electronics and individual cell protection, Hilti power tool batteries help to provide the resilience for use on the jobsite.

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