Hassle-free tool services directly at your fingertips

What tool is this? How can I get this tool repaired? How do I use this tool? Where can I get this tool’s service status? No need to worry – with the Hilti Connect App we have the solution for you!

Hilti Connect app

The Hilti Connect App provides instant access to unique tool information that helps you make informed decisions at the jobsite. Stay up to date with your tools’ service status and repair history. Get immediate access to relevant “how-to” videos and product manuals or check out related products that help get the job done effectively. Arrange for a tool to be picked up for maintenance or repair from wherever you are.

Easily identify and access all its unique information even when the serial number is unreadable by tapping the tag placed inside the tool with your phone. All you need is the Hilti Connect App on your smartphone – no additional device or other extra effort is required on your part!


Hilti Connect app identifying your tool
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Problems identifying a tool?

Hilti Connect App identifies your tool and provides the following information on the spot: tool type, serial number, owner's company name, purchase date etc.

Hilti Connect app tool service status
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Want to check the tool service status?

Stay informed about the service status, including service expiry date and other useful service information.

Hilti Connect app tool servicing functionality
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Is it time to send your tool for servicing?

Easily schedule a pick-up for repair or servicing.

Hilti Connect app repair and replace functionality
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Repair or replace?

Displays the date of the last repair, the repair frequency as well as the total amount spent on repairs, giving you total transparency to make informed decisions.

Hilti Connect app tool handling tips
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Looking for tool handling tips?

Instant access to specific how-to videos as well as operating instructions.

Hilti Connect app tool accessories
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Looking for the right tool accessory?

Hilti Connect App suggests the best accessories or related products for your jobsite application and allows you to buy directly online.

Find out how to use Hilti Connect

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What is Hilti Connect?

Discover how Hilti Connect can help you in your business, providing direct access to information about your tools.