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Cordless tools and why you need to invest in good battery technology

Finding the right cordless solution will vastly improve your overall productivity

Most construction companies face a common pain point: power sources and electrical cords. The abundance of electrical cords limits every construction worker's overall mobility, execution speed, and safety. It also adds to the already growing costs of construction projects. With that said, it’s also critical for project managers to ensure the safety of their workers by providing an environment without the presence of multiple cords present in every corner of the jobsite.

The solution to this dilemma is to invest in cordless tools that are now more accessible than before. Replacing at least 50% of your current tool inventory with cordless tools solutions will help not only with safety but also with your jobsite's overall progress and productivity. Unfortunately, one misconception suggests that cordless tools are inferior to their corded family in performance and power. It doesn't need to be when you have the correct battery technology.

Below are three features that you need to look for in your batteries:

Low cost of ownership

Technology that offers consistency

It would be best to have a battery that can last as long as your tools, and we wouldn't want you to waste your money on things that don't consistently perform well. Therefore, it must have a feature that protects the battery from overheating, overloading, and deep discharge so that its overall performance is constant throughout its use. Don't go for cheap, average batteries so that you can save money because this will cost you more in the long run. Purchasing these kinds of batteries will only ensure short-term usage. Instead, go for batteries that offer technology to monitor and control battery cells to minimize deterioration and regression.

World-class tools

A unique cage that guarantees durability

Jobsite work is challenging, and we know that our tools take the most impact over time. A well-protected battery ensures uninterrupted performance by minimizing its exposure to damage, especially the harmful elements found in every job site that can negatively affect the battery's general performance (such as humidity, water, and dust). With a unique battery cage, extra protection is provided against these destructive elements and all the bumps it takes with time.

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Aftermarket support to ensure better productivity

Even with the right technology and durable caging, batteries are, of course, not indestructible. Problems will occur, and batteries will need to be replaced. A warranty is crucial when investing in excellent battery technology; you wouldn't want to encounter any mid-project problems. We know how frustrating it can be for your tools not to work as you want them to, and it goes the same for your batteries. An excellent cordless solution offers more than just the products, the after-care service that ensures your tools perform as intended is also necessary. Go for brands or products that offer warranties to save time and money from purchasing a new one in such a short time.

Investing in an excellent cordless tool that includes great battery technology can vastly improve the performance of your job site—no more cords to untangle, no more power source to look for, and no more hazardous job sites to encounter. At Hilti, we understand the challenges and heavy investment required to go cordless, and that's why we have Fleet Management. With our Fleet Management Service, we help make sure you have the tools you need at every project stage. You start by choosing from our wide selection of tools and then pay a fixed monthly rate for a defined period. We will also help you track, repair, replace, and upgrade these tools at no additional cost to keep you working at peak performance.  

We also provide productivity consultations to identify obstacles in your jobsite and help ensure the right tools are within your reach! As a result, you can minimize costs and improve your job site's productivity.

Hilti PREMIUM CORDLESS SERVICES, Without a premium price tag

2 year wear and tear

1 to 2 year wear and tear coverage

Up to 2 years no cost, including labour costs, faulty parts (subject to wear and tear), pick-up and delivery.

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Fleet Management

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