Power. Always. Everywhere.

Our B22 tool batteries provide you with the performance for every application

Using the latest Li-ion cell technology and providing robust protection for tough conditions, our range of power tool batteries and chargers match the varying demands of different tools and applications, giving you the performance you require in a package that meets your needs. 

Hilti introduces the new range of B22 batteries

With our new B22 batteries, less really is more

Less weight and more power, that's really what you want from a battery. 

Whether you choose the compact B22 2.6 or the power class B22 5.2, with Hilti you have the choice of tool battery that's fit for every application giving you Power. Always. Everywhere.

choose the power class that's right for you

Compact Class B22 2.6 and B22 3.0

Compact Class

The lightweight and ergonomic solution that lets you cover long distances quickly, ideally matched for overhead applications.

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Power class B22 4.0 and B22 5.2 batteries

Power Class

For all-round performance that provides you with the balance of power and comfort for all cordless power tools and applications.

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Compact and lightweight

The B22 2.6 battery provides a compact and lightweight feature with improved run time

When you want to perform at the highest level without compromising on weight or size, our B22 2.6 battery provides you with a lightweight solution that let's you cover long diatances quickly.

With its Cordless Power Care (CPC) technology, it intelligently monitors each battery cell for consistent, longer-lasting power output and a reliable charge status display.

Hilti's B22 4.0 and 8.0 batteries are lighter and more compact

Less downtime, more productivity

The B22 5.2 power tool battery has a high-capacity feature, providing the highest work-per-charge rating in its category

Our B22 5.6 Li-ion battery offers the latest CPC technology allows higher charging accuracy for longer running time and intelligently monitors each cell for improved performance.

A high-capacity battery providing the highest work-per-charge rating in its category and thus the longest running time with all Hilti 22V tools

Increase your productivity with Hilti's battery technology

Less repairs, more performance. Cordless Power Care (CPC)

Hilti batteries for 12 V, 22 V and 36 V cordless platforms

Cordless platform

With 3 voltage platforms and a choice of capacity, our batteries power a full range of tools from compact screw fasteners to heavy-duty breakers.

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A powerful and reliable battery platform

Power and reliability

Reliability is a critical success factor and you need power tool batteries you can trust to work in extreme conditions, whether it be high heat or the freezing cold.

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Hilti batteries have a reinforced outercasing to protect against damage

Care and protect

With a glass-fiber outer casing, sealed electronics and individual cell protection, Hilti tool batteries help provide the resilience for use on the jobsite.

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