Introducing the GPB 6X-A22 Cordless burnisher for metal fabrication

Free your burnisher for grinding and finishing

The GPB 6X-A22 cordless burnisher for stainless steel and metals

Grinding, polishing and surface finishing on flat metal sheets or stainless steel requires precision and fine control to achieve a good result. The GPB 6X-A22 includes a selectable speed dial and best in class ergonomics to give you the responsive handling you need.

Suitable for a broad range of materials

Working with metal


Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Introducing the GPB 6X=A22 Burnisher

Compact and balanced design

The small body and ergonomic design help to improve handling for grinding and finishing. The slim barrel grip makes it easier to hold and control when undertaking fine grinding.

Variable speed dial makes it the ideal choice for stainless steel

Variable speed dial

A 6-step variable speed dial lets you adjust the speed of the brushless motor to grind a wide variety of metals from carbon and stainless steel to brass, aluminum, titanium and copper.

Lock-on switch

Lock-on switch

A lock-on switch means the tool is always working without the need to hold down a button. This reduces operator arm-strain and allows the burnisher to keep grinding when you change position or grip.

The GPB 6X-A22 uses an innovative inflatable air roller

Inflatable air roller

The GPB 6X-A22 uses an innovative inflatable air roller system for use with sanding sleeves in all standard grit sizes and with non-woven sleeves for metal finishing applications.

Introducing the GPB 6X-A22 Burnisher

Who needs a burnishing tool?

Burnishing tools are an essential tool for achieving a fine finish in metal or stainless steel. Unlike other methods, burnishing doesn’t remove any metal from the surface. Instead a burnisher works to reduce roughness and leave behind a mirror-like, uniform, surface finish.

A good operator with a burnisher can eliminate the need for secondary processes all together, which cuts down cycle time and ultimately saves money. 

The Hilti advantage

The GPB 6X-A22 cordless burnisher operates on the B22 battery platform and has the power to work with stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and brass. With a brushless motor and low weight, it is a balanced tool which is suitable for working for long periods, reducing fatigue and risk to the worker. 

It includes a 6-step speed control letting you select rotation speed, from 1220 - 2750 rpm, to match the needs of your application. This is especially important when working on stainless steel (inox), where the speed dial is key to:

  • Better results – because you have precise control of the abrasiveness
  • Faster progress – because skilled metalworkers can adjust the tool to suit their most effective technique
  • Flexibility – because you can adjust the speed to suit your material and application

The GPB 6X-A22 uses an optimized air-flow system to cool the burnisher and the electronics inside, resulting in increased service life. As you'd expect, all Hilti cordless tools come with 2 years of wear-and-tear coverage and, if your tool does break, we’ll repair it within 3 days – all at no cost, and giving you peace of mind.

Accessories providing maximum flexibility

Spacing ring set

Spacing ring set

Dust extraction hood

Dust extraction hood

Inflatable air roller

Inflatable air roller

B 22/4.0 Li-ion battery pack

22V battery compatibility

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