Hilti supports update to AISC 341

AISC 341-16, “Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings”, was recently released.  Prior versions of the standard prohibited the use of Power-Actuated fasteners to fasten steel deck to a beam flange within the protected zone, in a variety of Moment Frame and other assemblies. In 2011, Hilti teamed with Prof. Matt Eatherton of Virginia Tech University to conduct new research and present the results to the AISC committee to address this restriction. Full scale beam-to-column testing was carried out at Virginia Tech with the support of Hilti, Banker Steel, and Applied Bolting Technology. The specimens had power-actuated fasteners applied in patterns that simulated deck attachment and patterns that included fasteners applied in a grid over the flanges and web.

The result of the testing was that all the test specimens met the AISC 341 qualification criteria for Special Moment Resisting Frames (SMRF), by maintaining at least 80% of the nominal plastic moment capacity through at least one cycle of 4% story drift. The results were presented by Prof. Eatherton at the 2013 Structures Congress, and were subsequently accepted by AISC, allowing for the prohibition to be removed in AISC 341-16. Power-actuated fasteners may continue to be used without restriction for metal deck attachment to beam top flanges in the protected zone of moment frame connections. 

Hilti is committed to continually work with industry, code bodies and academia to improve the safety and efficiency of the built environment.

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