Continuing Education

The supplementary course program offers a comprehensive anchor design-aided software training for designers who needs to get work done efficiently. The seminar course also discusses how a company, like Hilti, recognizes the value of designing structures to meet Green building standards. New technologies fastening to steel as a relevant application in the building construction industry is also stipulated in this course program.

List of Supplemental Courses

PROFIS Software

A technical & product discussion of PROFIS (Professional Information System) software. In this seminar, you will discover the basic operation of the software, its features that enable the user to access information about the assembly-anchor, rebar, anchor channel (technical data sheets, installation videos, approvals, AutoCAD ready drawings, etc.), input loads and design the system using governing international codes (ACI 318 & ETAG). This seminar will consume approximately 60 minutes.

Green Building

This technical seminar discusses the relevance of Green Building – the practice of increasing efficiency with which buildings use resources (i.e. water, energy, and materials) while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment during the building's lifecycle, through better site management, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal. This technical seminar will consume approximately 60 minutes.

Fastening on Steel

This technical seminar discusses fastening to steel as a relevant application in the construction industry. This seminar will cover applications such as grating and light-duty mechanical supports. It will also provide information on necessary tests done according to ICC-ES acceptance criteria and ASTM standard test methods. This seminar wll consume approximately 60 minutes.