PROFIS Anchor Video Tutorials

Firm up your knowledge about PROFIS Anchor software.

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To maximize the features and benefits of the PROFIS Anchor system, watch the tutorials in this section.

PROFIS Anchor Set-Up

Learn the features of the View tab and main screen. See how to customize projects settings and graphics. Learn how to save, store or create files in a variety of formats.

Base Material Tab

See how to input parameters for concrete member geometry, compressive strength, temperature, installation conditions, Φ-factors and reinforcement options.

Anchor Plate Tab

Learn how to input parameters related to the base plate geometry and stand-off conditions.

Layout Tab

Learn how to input parameters related to the anchor configuration and embedment depth.

Profiles Tab

Learn how to select a profile shape and orientation. Users can select a variety of standard American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) shapes.

Loads Tab

Learn the features of the Loads tab and see how to select a design method, anchor type and seismic condition.

Calculation Tab

Watch this tutorial to learn about the features of the Calculation tab. See how to filter and view results based on your input data and chosen parameters.

Solution Tab

See how to make the geometry adjustments required to design a fastening solution. Learn to run a design report, email files and find additional technical information.

Seismic Tutorial

Review and understand seismic provisions of ACI 318-08, Part D.3.3—and learn how PROFIS Anchor performs filtering and calculations based on these provisions.