PROFIS Anchor Software Registration

Download PROFIS Anchor today.

Step 1. Order PROFIS Anchor Activation Key

Choose a PROFIS product, and add the Activation Key(s) to your Shopping Cart. To order multiple activation keys in one step, just increase the order quantity.

Note: There is NO CHARGE to download PROFIS Anchor.

Proceed with checkout.

If you don’t have an account on, you will be prompted to create one in order to receive an activation key. Simply enter contact information and company data to register (only one user / account required).

After checkout, you will receive two emails:

  • Confirmation of your order
  • Activation Key(s) and Link(s) to download PROFIS software

Existing PROFIS Anchor users (v2.6 or newer): Enter the Activation Key in the pop-up window.

New PROFIS Anchor users: Enter as a new user and continue to download PROFIS Anchor.

Step 2. Download and install

Follow the link in the email to download PROFIS Anchor. Select "Run" to install. Follow steps to complete the installation process.

Step 3. Enter Activation Key in PROFIS Anchor

Launch the software. A registration window will appear. Enter your activation key, fill in your user data and click “Submit.”

PROFIS Anchor is now ready for use.