Screw and Nail Selector App

Connect faster with a better answer.

On the job site, time is the one thing you can’t ignore. Fortunately, we’ve developed an answer to help you stay ahead of your needs and minimize lost time—the Hilti Screw and Nail Selector App for your Android or Apple iOS smartphone.

When it comes to identifying, selecting, purchasing, and making calculations relating to screw and nail use, the Screw and Nail Selector App is the answer. Choose from more than 1,500 screws and nails in offline mode, and then seamlessly switch to online ordering.

Put the power to control time back in your hands. Download the Hilti Screw and Nail Selector App today.

Find appropriate options, quickly

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Whether you know exactly what you need—or you’re looking for the right fastener for the job—the Hilti Screw and Nail Selector App helps you find the best option in seconds:

  • Hone in on available options organized by trade category
  • Quickly identify practical alternatives by your specific application
  • Evaluate your best choice according to specific performance requirements

Browse easily, order immediately

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Access our broad selection of screw and nail options with all the detail you need to support the right choice:

  • Find and view product-specific details, performance criteria and specifications
  • Simplify your final choice with instant head-to-head comparisons
  • Order online, right from your smartphone

Save time and money continuously

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Once you find the right screws and fasteners for your project, you can keep using the Hilti Screw and Nail Selector App to boost productivity with even more features:

  • Calculate potential cost and time savings between collated and single screws, right on your device
  • Revisit previously selected favorites simply by clicking on the home screen star icon
  • Obtain personalized support from our mobile website, Customer Service, or the nearest Hilti Store