Hilti Research And Development

Where creating the exceptional is expected.

What can we build that’s better? Stronger? Safer? Since 1941, the name Hilti has been synonymous with innovation. Everything we do helps build better futures—and that includes the future of the construction industry.

Every day at our research, development and testing centers in Europe, North America and Asia, Hilti engineers and experts are tinkering, testing and imagining new ways to make your work easier, safer and more productive. We work directly with customers about the challenges they face and work to solve them with better, smarter products. We work with various universities and independent research laboratories to tackle the most challenging technical problems. In other words, we never stop improving—because you never stop working.

  • post-installed anchor testing

    Post-installed anchor testing

    Learn about how Hilti tests adhesive and mechanical anchor systems in concrete and masonry construction. It’s all about meeting or exceeding the latest code requirements—and exploring possibilities through special tests for shock, fatigue, fire, seismic and more.

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    firestop testing

    Firestop Testing

    At the Hilti North American testing lab, the Fire Protection Engineering team conducts tests on firestop system applications every day. That’s how Hilti can offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of tested firestop systems for your design and your jobsite.

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    metal deck attachment testing

    Metal deck attachment testing

    Designers and engineers need to anticipate how a metal deck attachment will behave under dynamic conditions. That’s why Hilti has one of the world’s only full-scale facilities for metal deck diaphragm testing.

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    seismic research project

    Seismic Research Project - University of California, San Diego

    In a landmark research project, Hilti engineers are collaborating with the University of California, San Diego to better understand how nonstructural components and systems interact with a building and with each other during an earthquake. See how Hilti is leading the way to a better—and safer—future.

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