ICC ESR-2269 Seismic Approval

Design with confidence.

When you are concerned about the fastest, easiest way to achieve secure fastening to steel base materials in seismic applications, turn to the supplier who has the longest track record of performance in such applications. This experience, represented in our ICC ESR-2269 Seismic Approval, includes attaching tracks, conduit, ceiling and cable hangers, perimeter wall deflection clips, and other support systems to overhead beams and other steel structures. The load values found in that ICC ESR-2269 approval reference AC70 seismic qualification testing for static and seismic loads.

In addition to ICC ESR-2269 Seismic Approval for our Hilti X-U Fasteners, we also offer a series of design resources to help you develop your overall applications for maximum performance and efficiency. Learn more about both from the Hilti Seismic Solutions link on the right.