Hilti has you covered—from extracting to environmental protection.

Today’s oil industry is all about balance. You want productivity—but never at the expense of health and safety or environmental responsibility. That’s why more companies in the oil and chemical industries look to Hilti for innovative answers—without compromises. 

Direct Fasteners and Threaded Stud X-BT System

x-bt fasteners

One system, thousands of applications. Hilti powder-actuated solutions free your crews from electric power supplies—and deliver quick, reliable fastening in oil industry applications. 


Direct Fastening Products

X-BT System

Support System MI and MQ

MI and MQ Support Systems

Unlike conventional steel support structures, Hilti support systems require absolutely no welding. Count on Hilti when speed, safety and strength matter.


MI Systems

MQ Systems

Chemical and Mechanical Anchors

grating fasteners

See why Hilti chemical and mechanical anchors are ranked among the best in the world for heavy-duty anchoring and post-installed rebar connections.


Chemical Anchors

Mechanical Anchors

Firestop Solutions

firestop products

Hilti is the name to know for high-performance, easy-to-install firestop solutions designed exclusively for use in such oil industry field applications as pipes and cabling.


Firestop Products