Bringing Outfitting Innovation to the Shipbuilding Industry

Hilti offers a range of benefits in ship-building compared to welded studs and structures

  • Low weight – lighter than comparable products, reducing overall running costs
  • No welding or hot-works needed – increasing productivity, reducing labor costs and improving health and safety
  • Modular design – quick and easy to refit by a single person and without specialist equipment
  • Shock loads – resistant to dynamic and shock loads 

Fastening Solutions

direct fastening solutions for the shipbuilding industry

A range of fast and simple solutions that mean you can fix up to 240 fastenings on steel per hour - almost doubling your productivity when compared with traditional methods.

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Installation Systems

installation systems for the shipbuilding industry

The innovative and easily modified Hilti Installation Systems reduces the amount of costly alterations and increases production. Our system makes for a cleaner and safer working environment largely reducing the need for welding.

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Firestop Systems

firestop systems for the shipbuilding industry

A leading provider of high-quality, easy-to-use firestop systems for over 20 years. We support you at all stages by offering quick planning assistance, comprehensive technical literature and application-specific training.

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