Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas

Design resources for oil and gas production facilities

With over 75 years of experience in manufacturing quality products with cutting-edge technology, and our team of over 100 dedicated Oil and Gas Specialists, we stand ready to provide you with on-site technical and application support from the design phase of onshore and offshore production and drilling platforms through construction and project completion.

Let our team partner with you on your next production facility and see what the Hilti difference can do for you!

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    Modular Support Systems

    The Hilti MI and MQ modular steel systems are ideal for piping, platforms, cable trays and instrumentation stand applications. Unlike traditional welding, our strut systems are easy to install and are adjustable for most jobsite variations. The integrated design adaptability increases your productivity while at the same time decreasing the project time to completion. Additionally, we fully support our Hilti modular steel systems through our Project Management Office and field-based engineers. We also offer engineering design support with PROFIS Installation software and specialized logistics services, such as cutting, kitting and preassembly to make it easy for you to specify and install Hilti strut systems on your project.

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    fastening to steel blunt-tip technology

    Fastening to steel blunt-tip technology

    The X-BT is a blunt tip grating fastener specifically engineered for fastening to most standard and high-strength construction steels without damaging the protective coating of the steel base material. The S-BT is a screw-in fastener suitable for use on steel 1/4" thick or greater. These fasteners minimize the need for rework of the base steel, saving you time and money. Additionally, they have holding values comparable to traditional welding methods. The X-BT is suitable for fastening in highly corrosive environments such as marine, offshore, petrochemical and power plants, while the S-BT is capable of fastening junction boxes, switchgear, instrumentation panels, light fixtures and signage in mildly corrosive environments.

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    safeset technology

    Firestop Cable Collar

    The CFS-CC Firestop Cable Collar is the industry’s only surface-mounted, sealant-free firestop solution for cable bundles up to 4” in diameter and up to 100% fill. This simple and intuitive fire protection product is easy to specify in your new projects or incorporate into your existing jobsites with cable penetrations. Additionally, the pre-cured and pre-formed firestop material does not expire. This eliminates shelf-life concerns, saves you money on expired and unused products and ensures that only the best and safest materials are installed on the job.

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