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General Fastenings Segment

Mechanical fasteners for concrete and steel base materials

Direct fasteners for general applications

Need a general fastener for concrete or steel for your job? We’ve got you covered. The X-U fastener is one of our most versatile offerings suitable for fastening to either concrete or steel base materials. You have come to the right place to learn more about how the fastening technology works.

Fastening into concrete

When a powder, gas, or battery-actuated fastener is driven into concrete, the concrete around the fastener shank is displaced. This displaced concrete compresses against the shank, creating a friction hold. In addition, heat generated during the driving process causes a sintering of the concrete to the fastener.

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Fastening into steel

When a fastener is driven into steel, the steel around the fastener shank is displaced. This displaced steel flows back around the shank and into the knurling creating a keying hold or, in the case of smooth shank fasteners, a friction hold. In addition, the local heat generated during the driving process causes partial fusion of the fastener to the steel.

Select the right nail for your steel application

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