Sealing the joint between walls and floors.

Sealing the top-of-wall and bottom-of-wall is important for both firestop purposes and architectural design needs. A proper solution seals and helps protects the joint from fire and smoke passage, and Hilti products go beyond by providing superior sound ratings, joint movement capabilities and aesthetically pleasing installations.

For flat slab construction the innovative Track Seal is your solution of choice as this pre-formed device is easy and highly productive to install. It provides STC ratings of up to 61 and movement capabilities double that of sealants. For metal deck and block or concrete walls, Hilti’s extensive product range includes both water-based and silicone firestop sealants and sprays. The product selector below will help you pick the right product for your next job based on your preferred joint finish and performance requirements.

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering services

    Whether it be onsite consultation or corporate engineering support via product testing and engineering judgments, Hilti’s experienced team is ready to support you.

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