Fire-rated cable pathyway solutions for new and existing penetrations.

Everyone knows you can’t fit a round peg in a square hole. The circular design of Hilti’s portfolio of cable pathway sleeves, collars, plugs and discs mirrors the round shape of both the cable bundle and the core bits used to drill the hole through the base material. Cables fit snugly inside the round device. This intuitive design naturally reduces the amount of annular space between the cable bundle and the periphery of the device, in turn, limiting the amount of additional firestop material required to seal the penetration.

Hospitals, data centers, and building owners benefit from these devices’ re-penetrability, low L-ratings (air leakage), and ease of use. Whether you need to seal the area around a new cable penetration or you are retrofitting an existing cable pathway, Hilti has the firestop solution for your project needs.