platform applications


Hilti’s modular support system is the ideal solution for improving access to plant equipment and provide better maneuverability in facilities. The system has many advantages including easy installation around existing equipment and structures, faster installation, and no regular inspection required. The system is easy to assemble and disassemble, is reusable, and is easy to move for maintenance work. Lower labor requirements mean the system has fewer running costs than scaffolds and MI users also eliminate year-after-year scaffolding rental fees.

Stair landings, equipment platforms, and raised platforms can be constructed using both Hilti MI and MQ modular support systems. From the column supports, to the stairs and handrails, you can create a customized platform structure to meet your unique project needs.


  • Easy to install around existing equipment / structures
  • Total installed cost savings by eliminating year over year rental fees
  • Non-destructive disassembling if needed and then reusable

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