The first name in powder-actuated fastening solutions.

The Hilti name is synonymous with powder-actuated fasteners. That’s because Hilti was among the first to develop a safe, cost-effective method for attaching materials to concrete, steel and masonry. Through the years, we’ve earned the trust of professionals on the jobsite—and set the standard for an entire industry.

Perimeter Walls

perimeter wall

Fasten light-gauge steel framing and track directly to concrete slab edges or other framing members. Create a perimeter wall as part of a curtain wall or bypass balloon framing system. Add attachments for deflection slip clip connections. 

Recommended products for perimeter wall applications

Universal Knurled Shank Fastener X-U (0.157 shank for attachment to concrete or steel)

Fastener DS (0.177 shank for attachment to concrete)

Powder-Actuated Façade Attachment

Attach medium-duty curtain walls to structural steel or concrete at the perimeter of a building. Hilti powder-actuated facade fasteners feature a knurled ballistic tip and wider shank diameter for improved performance. Save time with no predrilling and no welding. 

Recommended products for façade attachment applications

Universal Knurled Shank Fastener X-U (0.157 shank for attachment to concrete or steel)

Fastener DS (0.177 shank for attachment to concrete)

Drywall Track Fastening

drywall track fastening

Choose from powder- or gas-actuated systems to attach drywall track to concrete or steel. Secure 2x4 wooden studs to concrete slabs, concrete over metal deck, concrete masonry unit (CMU) block or steel. Use powder-actuated fastening systems for higher application limits in most base materials.

Recommended products for drywall track applications

Drywall Track Fastener X-C 22 P8TH (0.138 shank for attachment to concrete)

Fastener X-S (0.145 shank for attachment to steel)

Sill Plate Fastening

Hilti sill plate fasteners are specifically designed for attaching wood sill plates—including pressure-treated lumber—to concrete substrates. The preassembled washers are stamped with material and coating identification for easy inspection.

Recommended products for sill plate applications

Fastener X-CF for untreated lumber with no moisture exposure

Fastener X-CP for pressure treated lumber with no moisture exposure

Fastener X-CR-L for all wood types in heavy industrial or coastal areas (but with no direct exposure to chlorides) 

Threaded Studs

threaded studs

Select a fast, reliable solution for attaching to concrete or steel. Choose from standard carbon steel or SAE 316-equivalent corrosion resistance for high performance in a variety of applications.

Recommended products for threaded stud applications

Threaded Stud Fastener X-W10 (0.205 shank for attachment to concrete)

Threaded Stud Fastener X-EW6H (0.145 shank for attachment to steel)

Stainless Steel Stud Fastener X-BT (0.177 shank for attachment to steel)

Suspended Wires

suspended wires

Choose from a variety of prewired assemblies and ceiling clip systems designed for supporting suspended ceiling grids, lighting and other wiring applications.

Recommended products for ceiling fastening applications

Ceiling Wire Assembly X-CW

Ceiling Clip and Hanger X-CC

Electrical and Mechanical Clips and Hangers

conduit clip application

No matter what type of mechanical or electrical routing system you choose, Hilti offers the right rod hangers, cable holders, cable clamps, cable ties and conduit clips to support it.

Recommended products for electrical and mechanical applications

Electrical and mechanical fastening product portfolio

Grating and Checkerplate

grating application

Quickly and securely attach steel grating in a variety of conditions. Hilti products and systems allow for a range of grating heights and are designed for use in permanent or removable applications. Choose from stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized (HDG)-equivalent corrosion-resistant materials.

Recommended products for grating and checkerplate applications

Grating Disk System X-FCM for steel or fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) grating (1" to 2" height)

Checkerplate Disc System X-FCP for checkerplate (1/4" to 1/2" thick)

Grating Fastening System X-GR for steel grating (1" to 1-1/2" height)