A well-grounded approach to electrical connections.

Properly grounding instrumentation to coated steel structures in corrosive environments—or maintaining electrical continuity between flanged and gasketed piping segments—are just two of the situations in which your options have traditionally been limited to welding or clamping. That’s why Hilti developed the stainless steel Electrical Connector X-BT-ER system.

Using a cordless drill, a two-step bit and powder-actuated installation tool, you’ll get a reliable bond with a corrosion-resistant fastener. There’s no need to pre-scrape paint or alter the mounting surfaces. And the custom bit ensures the right-sized hole with a firm, conductive fit.

Best of all, the entire solution is fast, reliable, and simple to install.

Proven system

  • NFPA 70 / NEC compliant solution (UL 467 listing available for single point grounding; see Hilti North American technical guide in download section for details)
  • Approved by UL, ABS, LR, DNV-GL


  • Stainless steel system provides excellent corrosion protection
  • Fits round sections (outer diameter ≥ 6" or 150mm)
  • Easy check of fastener setting with supplied gauge
  • Lock washer resists accidental loosening


  • No rework to restore protective coating
  • Innovative washer, seals pre-drilled hole and protects base steel from corrosion
  • No through penetrations on steel with thickness ≥ 5/16 inch (8mm)
  • Portable, cordless installation system

1. Prepare with ease

drill a pilot hole

It’s easy to prepare an accurately sized pilot hole in hard steel with the application-matched Hilti Cordless Drill SF BT 18-A and provided drill bit.

  • Use the special step-down pilot drill bit provided with the cordless drill to form a contoured hole with the exact diameter to receive the Electrical Connector X-BT-ER stud.
  • Prepare a clean connection without any extra steps for paint removal

2. Fuse with appropriate force

dx 351-bt and x-bt-er fastener

Make a solid physical and electrical connection without extra steps or without compromising the coating protection on your steel structure.

  • Fuse the Electrical Connector X-BT-ER in the pilot hole with the innovative powder-actuated DX-351-BT installation tool
  • Protect against air, moisture, and rust infiltration with the Electrical Connector X-BT-ER’s specially engineered sealing system

3. Connect with confidence

x-bt-er connector

With the Electrical Connector X-BT-ER securely bonded into the pilot hole, complete the installation with three easy steps.

  • Assemble an appropriately sized and terminated grounding/bonding cable with the supplied hardware
  • Help prevent accidental loosening by installing the supplied lock washer
  • Ensure good connection by tightening the two supplied nuts to the recommended installation torque

How to install X-BT-ER fasteners