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Façade Design Center

A complete solution for façade design.

facade design center

Innovative solutions for all façade types

Whether you are working on a project with a window wall or curtain wall façade, designing the edge of slab condition is complex. Having a strong understanding of the requirements of these applications can help eliminate issues later in design, construction or post construction phases. Properly addressing major design needs can help the design process move quickly and more smoothly. 

Façade building attachment

Perimeter fire barrier

Tested firestop system selector

Available approvals and technical documents

HAC Hilti Anchor Channel
Anchor Channel

Whether the project is new construction or renovation requiring immediate loading, close edge distance or high loads, Hilti’s portfolio of cast-in anchor channels contains the solution for your jobsite needs.

Learn more about Hilti Anchor Channel
firestop for edge of slab and curtain wall
Firestop for Curtain Wall

Where unique designs demand customized solutions, Hilti’s extensive firestop experience, in conjunction with a comprehensive firestop systems portfolio, enable us to provide the right solutions to meet your project specific perimeter firestopping needs.

Learn more about firestop solutions for curtain wall
PROFIS Anchor Channel
PROFIS Anchor Channel Software

Anchor channel system design requires software that can perform detailed calculations quickly and efficiently. PROFIS Anchor Channel provides a fast, easy way to model façade system applications and offers the following design attributes: 3D user interface, easy-to-follow data input, calculations per ICC-ES AC232, detailed calculation results in a design report, and database link to DWX/DWG files in 2D and 3D for integration in CAD drawings.

Learn more about PROFIS Anchor Channel
Ask Hilti
Ask Hilti

Ask Hilti is an online community offering continuing education credits and expert advice from top engineering professionals.

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